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DCarsonCPA MFC the Lean Machine on Facebook

DCarsonCPA MFC the Lean Machine on Facebook

DCarsonCPA MFC the Lean Machine on Facebook

Support lines on Lean Project, Process and Advisory Services from

DCarsonCPA SME and Entrepreneurial Growth Support

DCarsonCPA SME and Entrepreneurial Growth Support

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In support of Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Enterprises seeking to tap into the value of Lean Innovation for growth, efficiency and improvements. We can help on project services on Financials, Accounting, Taxes, Compliance, Legal support, Analysis, Economic Research and more at .

DCarsonCPA The Empire Line - A New York State of the Line on the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA The Empire Line -  A New York State of the Line on the Economy and Financials.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

DCarsonCPA on the Health Industry: support lines for Entities, Practioners & Communities and the needs on Health

DCarsonCPA on Health - On Good Health, Prevention and the Industry of Health (Medicine).

We can help on the Complex needs in Health for Hospitals, R&D Institutions, Medical Colleges, Doctors, Dentists, Specialists, Pre-Med Students and more on the needs on Health where the Financials, Accounting, Taxes, Research and Analysis connect.

DCarsonCPA on Health:

Our difference is we come from a Family with Multi-Generations in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy and are well skilled from growing up with Medical as a Business, Reading the Journals of Medicine ( New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Health et al) and having grown with the conversation of Medicine as a Business across these many decades of changes in the Industry. We worked in Hospitals and we understood the workings of Medicine from professionals trained at some of the Nation's finest medical institutions.

The Medical knowledge is second nature and we understand the deep connection to Scientific and Medical Research in what is commonly referred to as Life Sciences and Health Research and Development (Health R&D) so we connect from a Business and a degree of strong Medical Awareness. The connection to Medical roots provides us with compassion to help on needs on Health Economics and Financials through employing skills to help improve the financial position of both Public and Private Stakeholders in health and to understand that there is a unique relationship in play between Public and Private needs and the Insurance intermediaries. Doctors will tell you they are not pleased as their costs of business have risen and the viability of the Sole Practitioner Model becomes more complex, Hospitals will tell you that they have cost over runs and have to soak to many costs for the under insured, Health R&D will communicate the realities of needed funding for Health Research and Education (as Good health, Regular Exercise and Prevention make for strong outcomes), and Patients will ask you what in the world is happening as we face an Industry in upheaval with the new Health Care Laws, Taxation and the speed of Innovation moving to remote medicine.

Risks and Challenges abound in the sector the challenges of Insurance and Medicaid billing, the inferential awareness in HHS OIG (Fraud and Abuse reports to note issues to contend with as Risk and here is a road map for new Physicians to reduce those Risks) and other reports from stakeholders like CMS the challenges of ICD-10 implementation record keeping under HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, Information Disposal, and much more.

Our value is correspondence to deep Global and Domestic Economic, Financial, Statistical, Legal, Government, Policy, Insurance, Health, Hospital, Health R&D and overall Industry Research from which to map to precise needs where you are and to connect with the dynamics of International, National, Multi-State, State (Compliance), Regional and Local Health. For a Scientific connection to both the Innovation and Delivery of Health Services from a Framework of Risk Management, Financials, Accounting, Taxation, Compliance and Managerial Finance and Analysis to optimize the value of Economic, Financial, Legal, Communication and Technology on Services, Research and Outreach to support the broad stakeholders, Public and Private in the Health, Insurance and Public / Private / Community lines of Health.

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DCarsonCPA on Health


DCarsonCPA on Non Profits and Health 

Our Daily Health Sector Reporters:

DCarsonCPA on Good Health, Prevention, the Health Care Industry, the Economy and Financials:

DCarsonCPA Health FIN

DCarsonCPA Health and Oncology R&D

DCarsonCPA on Health and Oncology

As our beta on a pro-bono line of Global Health R&D on Cancer to help connect the lines on teamwork for the cures with Financial skills.

We are building to Economist + Legal skills to help on the critical challenges in the Health and many other sectors and believe in the potential of Financial skills to be of strong value to optimizing the value of Financial Resources at work in the Health Sector to better support optimized allocation of resources to needs with what is the core of value of financial skills to help on teamwork. Most of what you have encountered of Financial skills if you are a Doctor, Dentist or Medical Professional / Health Researcher is about the need to cut cut cut. We believe that the hidden opportunities in Health are to use Technology to help on the management of resource to needs across sector. We are here to help optimize the value of Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis, Managerial Finance, Connecting Costs and Drivers, weighting Cost-Benefit, employing statistical optimization of resources to needs and net net using Econometric, Accounting and Managerial Accounting, Finance and Financial Analysis to help on the cross sector needs of effective Health Policy and Health Industry operations in the Aggregate with ideas to support: the needs on teamwork through the Financials and Awareness support lines to the value we ALL see in Health for a strong Economy and Growth.

Boards and Directors

CFO / Advisory





DCarsonCPA Entity and Sector Lines by LOBs where we meet with deep lines on Global and Domestic Economic, Health Industry, Insurance Industry and Policy Research that goes to the granular level of the Industry lines and sees the top lines as well on overall needs on Teamwork at WHO, on International and Domestic Health (HHS / CMS / Medicaid / State Level Health and Insurance Departments and more).

If you are a Doctor, Dentist or Medical Professional we know you went into business with a view to make a difference in Health and we can help you make that difference with skills on Financial Management and Analysis because behind every attainable goal and objective is a strategic and operational line of needs to put the resources in place for success, we can help on your Financial Team. If you seek to find that strength again to make a big difference in Local, State, Regional, National or Global Health we will line up with you to support knowledge needs on Health + Financials to optimize your approach with lean strategy that can help you not only cover current needs but to build for positive differences in Community Health through Services, Research and Outreach for Awareness (we can help your Communications lines through DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines Communications lines for Fact Based Community Awareness rooted to Public Service). Particularly for Doctors who work solo or in small lines the absence of pathways to communicate has been a critical challenge we can help you on the Public Relations cycle to build awareness in affordable ways of the challenges you see and the improvements that can help on Health for Communities and Society.

For Entities we run complete lines on Industry Research at every level and can electrify research lines to specific needs and challenges as working with Project Management and Business Analysis skills, Cost and Managerial Finance Engineering, Full Financials skills and the cross functional lines of Economics, Financials, Legal, Communications and IT research for the points where our value is difference to the lines of lean and efficient change management and improvement support from Board Rooms to Staff Rooms and to the Accountable lines of Communities where we ALL meet as Stakeholders in the Public / Private and Community needs on Health.

For Individuals and Health Care Consumers Our knowledge exists as outreach on Good Health and Prevention as your Good Health as an Intangible Asset in Financial Terms and the basis of your lifeline potential to meet opportunities. We want you healthy and strong for the Economy and Growth, remember that Health is your Primary Intangible Personal Asset from which ALL growth can thrive. We can help on Health Care Accounting on Financials, Taxation, support for special needs and research and more via our Individual / Family lines on Health.

I am Dean Carson and I care about the outcomes for Health, Doctors, Dentists, Health Practitioners, Health Entities and Communities as stakeholders in the Outcomes where the Public, Private and Intermediary lines meet on Health as Financial skills meet on many sectors with critical needs for the Economy and Financials. As we work diligently to build skills that can help on connecting Economic, Financial, Legal and IT skills to the maximum of potential to help on Health and Other Sector needs in the Economy where we ALL meet through the Financials we can help your needs in Health. The way that we can best help is to support your needs on Financials and deep connection of the value of cross functional Health Research and Awareness to teamwork in the Aggregate to support positive change and needs for the sector points on Health with Services, Research and Outreach.

Learn more at DCarsonCPA on Health and under Brand DCarsonCPA on web (google us).

Thursday, May 21, 2015

On the Empire Lines - Re-introducing the lines

On the Empire Lines - Re-introducing the lines:

We opened the Empire Lines in 2010 as a new line of consideration to the points where the skills could help across enttities for the needs on Accounting, Financials, Taxation,  Compliance and Analysis on

The Empire Line

We couldn't have picked a more complicated time because the Global Economy was still in the throw of the so called "recession" which had us in turn become very interested in what exactly was happening in the Global Economy so we integrated lines on Global Economic Research.

At the same time the challenges in the Domestic Economy where considerable and the more we worked with Taxation and Compliance research the more we became connected to the lines of the Economy and wondering if there were pathways we could dedicate some element of skills to help on the Economy. In fact it was the Study of Taxation, realizing that Taxation is a Function of Economic Policy and that while most people love to share with Accountants how they feel about Taxes, they seldom take the opportunity to remain connected to the critical line of Policy Decisions that tend to always reconnect to the Financials. So for the opportunities to help on Eligible Deductions, Eligible Credits and Awareness on the Policy lines we connected lines to certain common elements of Tax Policy to improve the opportunities of Entities and Individuals / Families and Communities to reconnect to Forgotten Policy lines. The Policy lines that we all seem more connected to in the College years unless that is your specific lines of work or if you were never interested but still impacted which is always a possible variable. 

So through process of Tax then Legal Research we arrived at Economic Research on the Policy Lines and more then a little bit concerned about the Deficits, Debts, Pensions, Retirement and considering that the key skills of Cost Accounting / Managerial Finance and Statistical Optimization are under - utilized skills to connect costs and drivers. Connecting the Costs and Drivers through analysis to help on the worthy goal of optimizing the value of Policy spends to help on the Economy and Growth. There are many valid needs but always the Economic constant of Unlimited Wants and Needs Matched to relatively scarce resources in Economic Terms making the skills of Cost Accounting and Statistical Optimization the skills of the hour to help allocate the inputs for the value of Outputs on the Policy lines as a worthy approach.  Hence the birth of DCarsonCPA on Financial Decision Making Research:

To the Core needs for:

For the broad lines on support by LOBs


DCarsonCPA PRTC Communications lines on Services, Research and Outreach on the support lines as our Lines to help on cross sector Public / Private Partnership lines to help on awareness to the lines for growth and Economic Recovery to help on the Economy with Financial skills and awareness.

We are back on the Empire lines to help on the needs across sectors where our skills can help on the needs for Financials, Taxation, Compliance, Advisory and more as noted above. We will begin to bring some new updates soon to these lines but if you follow the Empire Lines (and DCarsonCPA on web) you'll see that we are in the Aggregate consistently with you working on ideas to help on Economic Growth and Full Recovery . Supporting an under heard message for the needs on reconciliation beyond the divides to the key points where we can meet on the needs for Entities, Individuals / Families and Communities. For the broad lines where we all can bring value to teamwork with Diversity to help on the Economy. Our lines are working for the immediate needs on Services, Research and exist with an inherent value of knowledge on Outreach that can help on both  Our needs on Services and on the Economy in the Aggregate where we ALL meet through Financials. as the Financials are the pathways to growth, efficiency and improvements that we ALL seek in one manner or the next in the Economy. 

Thanks for dropping by to learn more and we would be glad for the opportunity to connect on Compliant needs on services, research and outreach on the project lines for points where Public and Private lines meet to help on the Economy and Economic Growth including Trade support lines.

More online at DCarsonCPA

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NYS Rules for the Quarter Ended 07/30/14

NYS Executive Branch Rules for the Quarter Ended 07/30/14. Part of the ongoing lines of Financial Decision Making Research for the points where the skills on Financials can help on the needs across sectors in the Economy. Following the lines of the Executive Branch Departments and Agencies for the relevant needs on Fianncial Decision Making across Sectors in the Empire State to help on the Economy and to be more aware on the lines of shared decision making that meets in the Financials. From the corresponding lines at DCarsonCPA in the Empire State .


For diversified needs in the Economy where the skills on Financials connect on the needs for Consulting,  Compliance, Accounting, Taxes, Research and more. At work with the comprehensive lines on Local, Multi-State, National and International points on Financial Decision Making Research for applied services and the shared lines of Decision Making in the Economy where we can all help on Trade and Growth lines. Learn more at DCarsonCPA by LOBs on Services. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Updates from NY Albany on Rule Making catching up on the 2nd quarter and this weeks updates.

In DRAFT (technical corrections edit pending) but the sentiment is here:

DCarsonCPA The Week in the Empire Line - the Updates that guide the Executive Branch  Departments and Agencies as one element of Our line into the updates that matter for Decision Makers in Industry, Non Profit, Government and Individual / Family roles in Financial Decision Making.

A line for Decision Makers in the Empire State where we note that at the end of each day the  Industry, Governance and Non Profit Lines ultimately revert to Individuals and Family lines on Decision Making where we ALL meet in the Economy as stakeholders in common.

In this challenging week of the National Government Shutdown I know many of us have taken pride in the ability of State and Local Government to hold the grounds and do as much as they do to keep the Economy moving. It's a shame and a challenge that in this most critical time in the Economy when the winds of recovery first appeared to be stirring that we had to experience together the financial drama and uncertainty if shut down and high stakes gambling with Our Financials.

The Economic recovery is essential for the Nation and the priority needs to be to meet in the middle and re-prioritize to do what's right to put the Nation back to work. There's a dry air in watching the economic data freeze up and seeing the flow of the data wind down. As one who deeply enjoys economic research and following the lines of the Economy in motion it's a strange sensation to see the data lines dry up but the States and the membership lines of State Governance across the branches have done an admirable job of keeping levels of data flowing, Maybe there exists a risk that we will learn that the state governments and governors, legislators and judicial branches can do more than was expected which might indicate some new lines on opportunities for savings in potential. The States primary challenges being more limited to the lines of funding Public Pensions and in New York or at least in the City the other point on the line is the issues on Health Care beyoud the federal issues being the many closings of NYC Hospitals which are not a very comforting trend in the aggregate when you consider the amount of people. There's not enough being seen or heard on Hospital Economics in NYC - like the MTA it seems to exist on the Edge of awareness but the need for a sufficient line of NYC Hospitals and Healthcare is one of those issues that we all  should be a little better tuned into for the needs Today and Tomorrow.

The purpose of the Empire Line is to cover 2 key points - the first points are that decision making in Albany guides the  lines of State Taxation, Economics, Policy, Regulations for Banks, Insurance, Healthcare, Real Estate and many more important lines. Central to the needs of Industry, Non Profits, Governance and Individual / Families the pathway to be informed and ready for the changing lines of needs and in the aggregate an opportunity to remain attuned to decision making that will influence Taxation and help us all to maintain a better informed line of decision making where we meet in common as stakeholders in the Economy.

It's not uncommon that we all are tuned into the day to day lines of our the work lines there are important points where we meet on decision making that benefit from the support of informed decision making. We believe that reconnecting to those lines is important because at the final analysis the decision making reflects in Tax Policy which impacts the Economy and present and future opportunities, health, retirement and other lines.

We take pride in the family roots that go back to New Amsterdam and the knowledge that ancestors played key roles in the foundation of the state and did their part to help in the formation of the Nation - no difference than your key role today in valuing what we all share in common and each day working in your way to help and contribute to what makes the Empire State really great as a unique place where we all meet and make it happen and the lines of our difference experiences bring us strength when we come together  with the lines of what has always made the Empire State a great state. A meeting point of views and ways that we all come together and with our differences and similarities somehow manage to move it all forward.

Considering 8.7 Million People in NYC and how many more in the overall state - it's an amazing tribute to the way we can all work together on problem solving and being well informed on the NYS Economy, NYC and the updates is a way that we can all work together in support of decision makers to help make it be the best it can be. If we don't pitch in with that small part of it - then we can't very much complain if the outcome maps against us as on any line of thought the key point is to remain involved to help on ideas.

If that is to your interest than the knowledge we share that exists in the first instance for client services, but in the broader instance to help on shared decision making should appeal to your sense of helping where you can on the lines of shared decision making. Without intent to say anything more than noting that in every conversation that reverts to economics at some point it becomes about unlimited wants and needs and a limited pool of resources so what we can fairly express as a wining objective in  the middle is to grow knowledge that can help and connect to good management, cost accounting and capital budgeting with a little but of management finance to consider that what we can do for best results is work with Economics and Tax Policy to align financial strategy such that the limited resources are placed in an allocation that is weighted to meet the maximum value allocation for a yield multiplier on societal returns. That in and of itself is strategy that works in any locality, state, National or International line to optimize the allocation of the inputs for the yield returns of the outputs.

Follow on below for the updates and along the lines of  DCarrsonCPA where the lines exist to help on Client Services and for those points where we meet in common in the Economy as stakeholders and Trustees in the Estate of the Future from the lines of financials to the broader lines of the responsible  stewardship of resources. It's a line to support your leadership role on financials and governance in the aggregate.

DCarsonCPA is Our Line of Decision Making Research in the Aggregate - mapped to the needs on Client Services with adaptable technology and cross functional skills from the framework of financial decision making - skills which include Macro and Micro Financials, Governance, Policy, Laws, Rules, NGOs, Non Profits each in their part contributing to an advanced line of portable resources for support on Accounting, Financials, Taxes, Compliance, Governance and other lines of Services. Learn more at DCarsonCPA by LOBs on Services. .